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Please see below a list of our clinics and lessons run by the EVRC. Please contact the relevant organiser for more information about each clinic.

Dannii Little Clinic

13 November and 11 December 

Greenlands EC, Wreay, Carlisle


Dannii works with horse and rider improving confidence and providing exercises for you to practice at home. Dannii caters for all abilities, gradually increasing difficulty at your pace so you're ready for competition. For more information and to put your name down please contact Dannii on 07771 606178 seven days prior to each date. Prices vary depending on number of riders, please ask Dannii for clarification.

Gaynor Booth Clinic

Monday 19 November and Friday 14 December


Kingrigg Livery, Carlisle


Gaynor is providing flatwork lessons to help you improve on how to ride a dressage test, helping you increase those marks with precision. For more information and to put your name down please contact Catherine on 07833 209494 seven days prior to the date. Prices depend on number in each lesson, Catherine will inform you of a price when your times are given.

Tracey Harmer Lessons

Saturday 10 and Friday 23 November 

Kingrigg Livery, Carlisle


Tracey provides lessons for everyone, helping both you and the horse improve and straighten out any weak areas. Tracey will help you boost those points in a test in your dressage test. Lessons are £25 for a shared lesson of two and £35 for a private lesson. For more information and to put your name down please contact Gill on 07871 244765 seven days prior to the date however to avoid missing out please contact Gill as soon as possible.

Poles Clinic with Deb Gate

Saturday 8 December

High Dyke, Mosser


A great way to improve your horses gymnastic ability by encouraging your horse to use its back and not rush, maintaining rhythm, balance and co-ordination. Lessons are £25 for a one hour shared lesson, lessons start at 11.00.

Names to Ann on 07814 375848 by 1 December. 

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