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We like to hold events throughout the year for our members to participate. Please note we do need volunteers for these events to run, please contact the organiser if you are able to help.

Members Dressage

The Ellen Valley Riding Club holds a monthly dressage series commencing in March and finishing in September for our members.  We hold classes for Introductory, *Restricted Prelim, Preliminary, Novice and Elementary. In the Introductory,once a competitor has come first, second or third on three occasions they can no longer enter that class. We respectively ask that competitors enter classes at their level to be fair to all members taking part, however you can enter HC in all classes if you wish.

Each month you and your horse will gain points depending on your placing before an overall winner is announced at our prize giving.  Please see below how we calculate the points.

*Restricted Prelim is for members moving into Prelim from Intro and is marked against riders at a similar level.  Once again on achieving first, second or third on three occasions you will be expected to move to the open Prelim class.



Please see the schedule attached for more information. You can enter by using the entry on the schedule or through Equo, https://www.equoevents.co.uk/

Enter as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


This year the EVRC is running their own dressage competitions as well as combining with other events. Please see details below: 


Point System
Each month you compete you will be awarded points depending on where you are placed. This must be the same horse and rider combination, points cannot be transferable from one horse or rider to another.  

The points are awarded as follows:
First place= 7 points
Second place= 6 points
Third place= 5 points
Fourth place= 4 points
Fifth place= 3 points
Sixth place= 2 points
Every rider who takes part but is not placed will be awarded 1 point.

At the end of each year the EVRC awards prizes to those who have gained the most points in each section and the horse and rider that has improved the most over the year.

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Latest Results from all EVRC competitions are here

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